Sports Rehabilitation

Sports Rehabilitation

Sports Rehabilitation for professional athletes. For over 20 years, the team at Infinity of Care has been helping athletes recover from injury and get back in the game. We can do the same for you. We take both the injury and the sport into consideration when developing a customized and personalized treatment plan to successfully ensure your recovery.

Thanks to their years of experience and training in the very latest in techniques, our physical therapists are able to perform sports analysis to determine which interventions best suit an individual athlete's needs. Performance evaluations are also performed for each athlete.

After comprehensive and specialized evaluations are performed on patients, we create a sports-specific rehabilitation program. We realize that each athlete has both his or her own unique strengths and weaknesses. Chronic injuries also deserve special attention and a different approach, as chronic injuries are the result of a mechanical breakdown in the body. Compensatory movements prove very detrimental to an athlete's performance and lead to chronic musculo-skeletal injury.

The simple fact is that athletes have different needs than average patients, and our team never forgets this critical fact. Athletes push their bodies further and are able to achieve a higher level of function. The exercise and therapy techniques we provide to our athlete patients often differs from the conventional therapy we provide to others. Athletes also need to be challenged differently in order to work all the muscles used in their specific sport.

Achieving optimal results means that athletes and therapists must work hand-in-hand. Our staff takes great pride in our ability to consistently help athletes achieve superior results in the rehabilitation process. And we look forward to assisting you!